The Dress

The Dress

Hello!  I have been waiting to post about the wedding until we got some more of our photos back, but here is a little bit about…the dress!


So.  It is interesting; being that it is our second marriage, I did initially want a more sleek silhouette (possibly mermaid, satin, little detail, sweetheart neckline, to be specific) of a dress when I first envisioned our wedding.  But then, as “our story” unrolled, I became drawn to a “princess dress” during a last-minute Valentine’s Date at The Wedding Factor!  Yes, that is correct; we picked the dress together…well, he picked it 😉

An iPhone pic from the day we picked the dress

I am VERY smitten and CLEARLY do not believe in those superstitions of “him” not seeing “the dress” until the day of the wedding.  We did sleep together the night before, however, he did NOT see me prior to the ceremony…it was pretty special 🙂  Anyway, he picked it and in the end, I think that is pretty darn romantic.  It worked for us and I LOVED wearing it.  I felt…yes…like a princess <eyeroll> 🙂


The dress is a Stella York.  I got it at The Wedding Factor on South Street (at 2nd Street) and would HIGHLY recommend them for all of your wedding dress needs.  Lucy in alterations is a SAINT as she took both my sister and I on at the second appointment 🙂  The first experience Scott and I had dress shopping left me quite unhappy; being told that it is “just a second wedding and that even Donald Trump has a price tag.” Yup. She ACTUALLY said that!  So, here is what I learned while shopping; ONE rule:  YOU DO YOU.  Literally; that is my ONE piece of advice! And actually; it works for pretty much every scenario!  Enjoy!


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