Meet Yankee Bear, a former DVGRR Dog

Meet Yankee Bear, a former DVGRR Dog

Oh man. We are in love.  Like major love.  And I am going to tell you all about how it happened.

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 8.40.34 AM

In the “planning phases” of our relationship, Scott and I decided we NEEDED to add a Golden Retriever (puppy) to our beautifully blended and perfect family (as well as a baby girl that the boys are insisting upon, but that will happen in time).  He had grown up with a Golden named woody, and i myself am a huge dog lover/previous owner as well (never to a golden; that was a dream of mine). You know, it was that beginning time when you fantasize and imagine all dreams possible with your new partner.  But we were determined to make this a reality, with a bit more thinking and some good old fashioned common sense, we ended up with the MOST amazing puppy!

Yankee (previously known as Kylo) is a one year old Golden mix with a happy golden heart and not a mean bone in his adorable body. He has #allthewrinkles in all the right places and he feels like he was made for our family.  Yankee is from Puerto Rico and was displaced from his home with the disastrous hurricane.  We had not planned on adopting necessarily, but over the Christmas holiday at our family’s home with some discussion and contemplation, we thought it might be just the way to go. Let’s be honest; 3 young boys with many needs plus a new puppy that we have to house train and obedience train… sounds a bit more of a nightmare than that whole “fantasy thing.”  So, while I had a few minutes over the holidays, I began researching Golden Rescues in our area.  It was at that point that I locked eyes with this baby.


I couldnt stop thinking of him. It might sound weird, but gazing into his eyes (longingly through my computer screen) I knew he was ours and i felt like I had known him forever. And it just kept getting better.  Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue is where I found this gem.  I was BEYOND impressed with their facilities and the sheer amount of information they are abke to provide about each dog.

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 11.07.12 AM

So, I immediately “inquired” (aka called 9000 times and emailed at least 300 times lol) about this dog, “Kylo.” The adoption manager, Zack, is amazing and got back to me within 24 hours (which made this lady, who cant handle delayed gratification, very happy). Ummm You guys…you aren’t going to believe this.  Kylo was rescued from the Puerto Rican hurricane!  The thing is, when the hurricane hit, I had concocted a massive plan to save a dog from there, but given the timing, with our nuptials, blending our family etc, it just wasn’t the right time.  But then this!! I literally could not believe it.  We HAD to have this dog.  And after reading his comprehensive behavior assessment, the deal was sealed.

We are so so impressed by DVGRR; their staff goes above and beyond and the care the dogs receive is top notch.  They were able to provide us with an extremely helpful behavioral obedience assessment which made it so easy to figure out whether Yankee would work for our family.  Literally every piece of information we received was the     G-d’s honest truth, and they make “no bones about it.”  The adoption team is dedicated to making a perfect match so to facilitate the success of the adoption.  The head adoption manager even brought his 2 year old son in to see how Yankee would react with him. So, without further ado, here are some pictures of our new baby boy!  I will post updates often!  We are in love.


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