Sammy’s Birth Story Part 1: The Room Where it Happened

Sammy’s Birth Story Part 1: The Room Where it Happened

It all really started the day after we saw Hamilton. Hesitant to blame it on the “room where it happened,” I most definitely still have trouble not equating Sammy’s birth with this epic Broadway experience 🙂

As I’ve mentioned before, the beginning of this pregnancy was very hard for me and my family; I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum which lasted about four months, leaving me bed ridden and miserable. My symptoms were fierce and intense; sometimes throwing up up to 30 times a day while not being able to eat or drink anything at all. The aftermath of that was awful as well. I developed scars down my throat and in/on my mouth from vomiting so much stomach acid. I’m not a fan of vomiting at all and I’m still worried that I’ve done my teeth permanent damage. The hardest part was just feeling totally helpless and not at all like myself.  I have gotten sick with both of my other boys; the first way more so than my second. The third, however, almost did me in 🙂

So, while I had a rough start to the pregnancy, after four months in and until about three weeks before my scheduled C-section, things were really great. I was doing SoulCycle about four times a week and running/walking daily. I felt more in shape than I had ever been. I did feel much larger in my belly than I did with the other boys; when we had our 30 week ultrasound, the doctor estimated that he was already about 6 pounds and my doctor is no joke with that. I don’t know if it got in to my head or if the affects of carrying a much larger baby (my youngest was 6lb4oz at 41 weeks and my middle was 6lb7oz at 39 weeks).  Anyway, my body seemed very unhappy with being pregnant. And although I did not want to be like every pregnant person ever and say that I was “definitely going early, “I felt like there is no way my body would sustain being pregnant for the entire 39 weeks (I had a scheduled C-section for Nov 1, 39 weeks).

So anyway, as the weeks lead up to my c-section date, I admittedly was cramming as much as I possibly could into my days; Miles and Miles of running, #soultogether challenge (10 classes in 30 days), Chace’s Fall fest, Zachary’s Fall fest, Gabriel’s “parent of the day,” throwing Scott’s fabulous surprise 40th birthday party, throwing my company’s magazine Fall launch party, attended my two sprinkles and even a field trip the day I actually gave birth (more on that in a moment).  We even were able to go see Hamilton in New York, an item on my “before baby” bucket list, and it was the most incredible experience! I’m so glad that I was able to get that in before the baby arrived! I went with my mom, Scott and my sister. It was truly awesome. We had an amazing night in a hotel (Scott and I), an amazing lunch with my mama and then the show!  In fact, I am sure that the first words Sammy will say (after dada) is “rise up. “. Lol

We took the train to New York, stayed over in a hotel saw a matinee and took the train home. We arrived home pretty late that night and I remember feeling very exhausted and very off. So, the next morning I had a doctors appointment and I didn’t think anything of it until the doctor came back in the room and told me that there were traces of protein in my urine and that my blood pressure was unusually high. To say that I was stunned is an understatement. My poor husband has heard this about 4092 times in the past two weeks, but my blood pressure is a solid 110/70 almost every single time. In fact, the week prior, That was my pressure. I didn’t have any symptoms of having high blood pressure and was continuing to work out, listening to my body, but not feeling anything different then just…very pregnant. When the doctor saw that my pressure was high(er) and there was a bit of protein in my urine, she sent us to delivery to have my labs run to make sure that I was not preeclamptic and to monitor baby. We all checked out fine; my protein retested and not too bad, and my bp leveled out a bit.

They scheduled me to come in again to be monitored a week later.  The SAME thing happened.  This time my pressure and protein were both a BIT higher but not high enough to be labeled as “preeclamptic,” just “gestational hypertension.” I was sent home again, but asked to come back in two days, when I would complete 37 weeks.  The guidelines state that if a mama has gestational hypertension (comes before preeclampsia), taking the baby at 37 has maximum results.

So, back to L&D we went on Thursday 10/18/18, this time with my husband (I had told him to go to work the previous two appointments only to have him Uber out to me; we learned the third time LOL).  This time, my pressure was high again, and my protein levels were OUT of control (600 for those med nerds).  I was told my doctor would be delivering that eventing!

OK- part 2 to come, because let me tell you, it just gets crazier!

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