An Epic Reading Nook

An Epic Reading Nook

Hi everyone! In case you’re wondering, I am still suffering through writing the second part of Sammy’s birth story. Yes, it was that bad! In the meantime, I bring to you… The most epic and affordable reading nook!

In an effort to “put those screens away! “I wanted to create a super neat area in our place space that was devoted only to books. I wanted a clear separation between the BOOK area and play area, and I wanted it to have a clean design feel that was fun and attractive to the boys. We have one rule; if you’re in the reading nook, a book has to be in your hand. There are no toys allowed. So far, the kiddos are loving it! I have instituted a D.E.A.R. time (drop everything and read) daily and it has been a blast. Feel free to snag the items I got. They are affiliate links because #4children!

Lol! Enjoy!





FUZZY POUF (ours comes today!)

BOOK SIGN (also coming this weekend)

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