Sh!t Getting ME thru Quarantine

Sh!t Getting ME thru Quarantine

Hi there! Happy Mother’s Day to all who celebrate. So much to say about this holiday, wish I could say it all and wish I could give you a really good review and commentary about the pieces below 🙂 but I want to drop them here because they have totally saved me during this quarantine. Enjoy and pamper yourself. Remember, if you don’t have your oxygen mask on… Be the cruise director that you need to be 🙂

House dress that you never knew you needed

Furry fancy expensive-looking loafers

“Rebounder” (hahah trampoline for us laypeople)


Another house dress but make it sleeveless

The BEST 6 dollar curling iron

New expensive looking but WAY cheap WHITES (hotel obsession)– kids spilling stuffff

A GOOD Heavy LIP!– detract from my wrinkles?

BEST 6 dollar tank EVER!

Double Chin Masks (LOL!)

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