Kimpton Seafire Resort on Grand Cayman- Honeymooners

Kimpton Seafire Resort on Grand Cayman- Honeymooners

It truly could not have been better. It was more magical and beyond our wildest dreams. We have the Kimpton Seafire Resort to thank, and of course, some good old fashioned LOVE.

So, I plan to recap our honeymoon in a few posts because…well, It was THAT good :). We stayed in the premium oceanfront suite; the accommodations were magnificent and deserve its own post. So for now I will keep it general.

I initially chose the Kimpton because I prefer their style of hotel; modern, sleek, clean, as opposed to other classic styles like the 4 Seasons.  A huge draw was that the resort was less than a year old (gotta love a newbie) and situated on the gorgeous Seven Mile Beach, less than a 15 minute drive from the Grand Cayman airport.  It was a shot in the dark; I hadn’t researched reviews and didn’t have time for any more reconnaissance.  Boy were we lucky…it was simply perfect.

The Kimpton offers so many excellent amenities, including a top-of-the-line spa, two pools, expansive beach property accommodations, 3 restaurants (one beachside), excellent fitness facilities, an amazing kids club and more.  I will recap as much as I can, but you really need to go there to get #allthefeels 🙂


While there, we dined at Ave…



And, my favorite, in-room on our outdoor dining set/balcony.

I know. He is super hot 😉

The food was so so fresh and we dined on many island specialties (tacos and fish) and a TON of fruit daily.  The only “restaurant” we did not try was “Avecita” which is a tapas-style version of Ave and is basically a small section of the main restaurant, so we didn’t feel like we were missing out, but we will try it for sure when we return.  ALL of the waitstaff (and staff in general) were so friendly and prompt.  We had such amazing dining experiences at Kimpton


The Spa at the Kimpton is TRULY something special.

We saved our spa day for our last afternoon/full day on Grand Cayman.  We wanted to soak up as much of the beautiful sun as possible; it was 83 degrees and virtually cloud-less EVERY day, ALL day.  So we scheduled a couples massage for 2:45 and it was EVERYTHING we could have imagined and more.  Magic. Hands.  Scott and I agree that it was our best spa service ever. The spa itself was absolutely gorgeous and the amenities were simply fabulous.

The only regret I have is not spending more time there; I had scheduled a blow out for 4pm immediately following our massage because…island hair… which unfortunately didn’t leave us much relaxation time after.  However, an amazing thing about the Spa at KSF is that if you book a service you can come visit the spa and use its amenities any time during your stay!  Sadly, we left the next morning.  Otherwise I would have TOTALLY revisited.  It was impeccable, immaculate and everything amazing.  This was definitely on my top 5 spa experiences, for sure.

Ok! Next up, i chronicle the activities/water sports as well as our room! So. Much. Fun.

The Dress

The Dress

Hello!  I have been waiting to post about the wedding until we got some more of our photos back, but here is a little bit about…the dress!


So.  It is interesting; being that it is our second marriage, I did initially want a more sleek silhouette (possibly mermaid, satin, little detail, sweetheart neckline, to be specific) of a dress when I first envisioned our wedding.  But then, as “our story” unrolled, I became drawn to a “princess dress” during a last-minute Valentine’s Date at The Wedding Factor!  Yes, that is correct; we picked the dress together…well, he picked it 😉

An iPhone pic from the day we picked the dress

I am VERY smitten and CLEARLY do not believe in those superstitions of “him” not seeing “the dress” until the day of the wedding.  We did sleep together the night before, however, he did NOT see me prior to the ceremony…it was pretty special 🙂  Anyway, he picked it and in the end, I think that is pretty darn romantic.  It worked for us and I LOVED wearing it.  I felt…yes…like a princess <eyeroll> 🙂


The dress is a Stella York.  I got it at The Wedding Factor on South Street (at 2nd Street) and would HIGHLY recommend them for all of your wedding dress needs.  Lucy in alterations is a SAINT as she took both my sister and I on at the second appointment 🙂  The first experience Scott and I had dress shopping left me quite unhappy; being told that it is “just a second wedding and that even Donald Trump has a price tag.” Yup. She ACTUALLY said that!  So, here is what I learned while shopping; ONE rule:  YOU DO YOU.  Literally; that is my ONE piece of advice! And actually; it works for pretty much every scenario!  Enjoy!


Black Friday

Black Friday

Hey Everyone!  I have a few super “serious” posts coming up so I thought I would interrupt with some…shopping!  I am at home, cozy on the couch, missing my babies, so I thought I would distract myself by doing some online shopping.  And you KNOW I primarily shop Amazon, because I have a major issue with instant gratification 🙂  So, without further ado, here the top ten items I am currently lusting after for the holidays that can be purchased via Amazon.  Happy shopping!

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 11.58.09 AM

Picture Because…still love my bangs! Oh, also a bunch of people asked which dry shampoo I use. I SWEAR by Renee Furterer!  Do yourself a favor!  

Oh and EYE cream! (Cosmedix Elite Doctor High Potency Eye Treatment, 0.25 Ounce)!

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 11.59.49 AM

  1.  Instant Pot ($81.99, originally $129.95; 35% off!)- I have been wanting to buy one for MONTHS.  IT cooks EVERYTHING with ease, including rice, yogurt (?!) and much more.  They have a 3, 5 and 8 quart size to fit your needs.  Do you have one?!  Just bought it 🙂  Can’t miss a sale!
    Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 9.53.54 AM
  2. Tom’s Bootie (from $33)  – I know.. I am SO late to this rodeo, but I am FINALLY convinced that I will NOT fall over in these heels and that I WILL, in fact, be able to walk across a room.  Does anyone have these who can give me more reassurance?!  LOL. I am buying the Deia boot and might go for the Dessert ones as well. –  I have been DYING to try these for probably a year now, and Amazon has amazing prices!  Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 9.58.48 AM
  3. Mini Miracles hair drier and iron ($218)-  I saw a blogger post about these and she said that she ended up using them for daily use and I am obsessed.  I will admit, they are a BIT pricey, but soooo gorgeous and perfect for our upcoming honeymoon…Buying these today!  They are amazing for travel AND daily use. And..they are pretty darn cute.  My new bangs need you!Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 9.59.35 AM
  4. Barefoot Dreams Robe– OR ANYTHING Barefoot Dreams!  I bought myself my first Barefoot Dreams robe last year after lusting after it on Oprah’s Favorite things list.  I LOOOOVE it.  I neeeed a new one and anything else Barefoot dreams.  The textures are sooo soft and comfortable and cannot be beat for cozy loungewear.  The pieces are a bit expensive, but totally worth it. I wear my robe daily.  Literally the first thing I say out loud in the morning is “where is my roooobe” (then “where is my cooooffeeeee” LOL). I will be adding this heathered grey robe to my collection this year.   ($135)Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 10.05.57 AM
  5. Dyson Vacuum– UGH so boring, but a need is a need.  I had been debating between the Shark and the Dyson Animal V6 Cordless, and the prices on Amazon today sealed the deal for Dyson.  Today they are super cheap for Black Friday!
  6. 23 and Me DNA Kit ($99, half off from $199!)– I have been (side) eyeing this kit through many commercials and now ads on Amazon.  I *think I am ready to try it, but if anyone wants to be brave enough to give it an initial try first, I would LOVE to hear about it.  I mean, what if I am related to The Donald ?! 🙂Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 10.50.33 AM
  7. Tory Burch Cross Body Bag– I am ALL about the cross body bags. I have been having some MAJOR shoulder issues on the left side from a combination of factors, one being my tote carrying simply destroying my shoulders!  I have been eying these for a while too, and LOVE this one in particular.  It is a bit pricey ($324) but it is soooo unique and antique looking.  I LOVE it.  It also hold a TON of stuff…“10” tablet, a notebook, an agenda, a mini wallet, sunglasses and a fragrance rollerball * Saffiano leather with suede accents * Top zipper closure on center compartment * Concealed magnetic snap closure on front and back pocket. * Adjustable, removable cross-body strap with 22.9″ (57.5 cm) drop * 1 interior zipper pocket on back wall, 2 slit pockets, 2 open pockets * Protective leather feet * Height: 7.97″ (20 cm) * Length: 10.76″ (27 cm) * Depth: 3.59″ (9 cm)”Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 11.00.57 AM
  8. Canon Rebel DSLR Camera and Kit- In our most recent move, I totally lost my “good camera” and have been hounding people with my iphone camera since.  I need my old “good camera” so this one will suffice 🙂 It is a good deal on Amazon today and I am hoping pretty hard that Santa gets a clue 😉
  9. Ugg Dakota Slipper- These are NOT slippers. In fact, they are my everyday shoe 🙂 I have them in navy and overwear them to death. I NEED a black pair, and this year it seems as if UGG has added some cute detail such as pom poms and glitter!  Must. Have. Did I ever tell you about my UGG days at Nordstrom?  So, when I was a teacher, I supplemented my income and shoe habit with a part time job at Nordies KOP in the shoe department.  Needless to say, I took my job VERY seriously and was top shoe dog each week.  HOWEVER, I was also top shoe buyer and my paychecks barely made it home 😉 It was the day of the UGG, when they premiered and there were waiting lists for even the basic short bootie.  Well, this smart Nordie employee (*still remember my employee number!) used to wait by the trucks and snag everything she wanted (in a size 7; they used to be cut quite large) and the rest is history. History as in, one winter I had a family of moths reside in my closet and attack each and every last ugg.  UGH!  Point is, time for a new pair of Dakota slippers…in Black!
  10. Mevolic Makeup Brush cleaner- So, I’ve seen this product tested on air while watching THREE separate shows (I know, get a life…lol).  I finally had to try it.  For me, it was the instant DRYing of the brushes that lured me in. Does anyone have this and have a review?!  Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 11.54.00 AM

Ok!  Well, this sure was fun!  PLEASE add ones of your own!



It all started with a baby. Who wouldn’t take a bottle. And a mama who was hell-bent on breastfeeding but just as focused on her career. Prior to the creation of this little miracle, that mama had earned her undergraduate degree from a State School, and then her Masters from an Ivy League One. She wrote a thesis, taught a decade’s worth of elementary school classes and was an adjunct professor in the evening. But he wouldn’t take a bottle and her partner was 100% supportive. The school would hold her place for the year. And another. Until a second little one came. And surprisingly, he also was not a fan of the bottle either. But at that point, it didn’t matter. The decision had been made long before that and soon after she first laid eyes on her First. It could wait. Anything could wait.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 10.26.16 AM.png
First day home.

Months become years and years seem like months. It has now been almost 5 and a half; 64 months to be exact. And then there were the playgroups. And the classes; and now, the freedom and ability to be a room parent, take the kids on special excursions, go on field trips, and be an active part of others’ villages.

And some days there is sadness. Negativity. A feeling that you cant do it all, even though you are supposed to be doing it all. But mostly it is a feeling of gratefulness, of blessings, and knowing I will never get this time back. And I am so ok with it.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 10.20.35 AM
One of my favorite pics the boys snapped of me on one of our special excursions!

That was the story of how I became a Stay-At-Home Mom. Stay tuned for more details on my feelings about it, hacks and more!

The Ex

The Ex

We met when we were young; he was five years my senior. I was fresh out of college and into the workforce; a teacher with lots of dreams, a desire to change the world, and looking for someone to share it with. He was the best man at one of my best friend’s wedding: the brother of the groom. We were very good friends: he challenged me intellectually, nurtured all of my qualities (if maybe to a fault) and It worked.

My profession was one that supported starting young, marrying young, procreating young, but also retiring young. His was one of long hours, heavy intellect, but good wealth.

Our personalities were as opposite as the nature of our careers, education and upbringing. He was the ying to my yang. I was the “larger personality” in the equation, and, over time, our individual variables changed. Mine magnified, and no longer fit well into any equation that was healthy for me.

But we had a beautiful son. And then another. Two beautiful baby boys, both embodying the two of us.

So, looking at my children, in their eyes, I see their father; which drives me to treat him with love, kindness and respect. I see a family that still exists, but just in a different form. I see a father who wants to be the best for his children and who honors their mother. We make trades and sacrifices; I extend breastfeed, which can challenge our schedule. He obsesses over baseball, creating similar challenges. He will think that is funny…sort of…because we understand each other. 12 years of knowing each other can do that to you.

Now, there is a third part to our equation. And choosing him was easy for so many reasons; one of them because he encourages the relationship between my Ex and myself and supports his role, when appropriate, in our larger family unit. My ex, for his part, is respectful of my marriage and gets along very well with my husband and my stepson. Things, of course, aren’t always easy. Nothing is, though; whenever humans involved, so are feelings. But, in reality, we all are acutely aware of how important it is for us to authentically get along for all of our children. So that is how we do it; we put them first. Always. And we lead with kindness.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 9.58.31 AM
The Ex and I at his past birthday party that we threw him. All love.
The Beginning

The Beginning

It makes sense for you to know how this particular journey began.  He was a dad in music class, chasing lovingly after his son, and she, a fellow parent in the class, admiring his diaper-filled back pocket and wondering many (now funny) things about him.  And that was the beginning.


At that time, they each only had one.

But they blended right from the start.


And that was the beginning.

One of the first photos of us ever taken.  Look at his hair!